As per the Right to Information Act, 2005, the information seekers shall address the Public Information Officers of the Departments concerned for any information relating to the following subjects:

Sl . No.SubjectDepartment concernedDesignated Public Information Officer (P.I.O)
1STT, RPL, PMKVY, Establishment,
Special Scheme, Portal
TNSDC AdministrationThiru. K.V. RajKumar DRO.,
Project Director
PIO (Public Information Officer)
2Naan Mudhalavan
TN Skill Vertical
Naan Mudhalvan
TN Skill
Tmt. S. Shanthi DRO.,
Project Director (Technical Initiative)
PIO (Public Information Officer)
3 Naan Mudhalvan
(Competitive Exam Vertical)
Competitive ExamThiru. C. Sudhagaran IRPS.,
Mission Director (Competitive Exam)
PIO (Public Information Officer)